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    iPhone Photography Tip Cards

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    iPhone Photography Tip Cards

    From Beginner to Expert iPhone Photographer

    Discover the best way to learn photography tips and tricks with your iPhone. It's the simplest way for you to go from beginner to high level iPhone photographer. The iPhone Photography Tip Cards will transform the way you think about taking photos on a day to day basis!


    They are the ultimate iPhone photography training kit in your pocket. Containing 36 pages of information on photo exposure, lighting your scene, using different zooms, accessing all features to your iPhone, all the setting you should be using, how to pose, and more! It's the basis for what changed my photos


    ✔️ Portable Training, So You Can Study When and Where That You Have Time.

    ✔️Easy to Understand Graphics. Bright, Colorful, and Easily Understood.

    ✔️Lost One of Your Cards? Just Print Another One…

    ✔️Covers a Range of Topics From Beginner to Expert!

    ✔️Move from lesson to lesson quickly!

    ✔️It’s Like Having a Mentor at Your Side.


    Not 1, Not 15, Not even 20, But 36 High Level iPhone Photo Training Cards!

    ✔️ Easy to Laminate Avoiding Any Damage.
    ✔️ Each Card Can Be Studied in Electronic Form as Well!
    ✔️ Pick and Choose Which Lessons You Want to Learn.
    ✔️ Teaches Lessons About Exposure, Settings, Cropping, Posing, and More!
    ✔️ The Best Learning Guide of 2021 For iPhone Photography!


    1-on-1 sessions to learn from professionals can cost hundreds or even thousands! You shouldn't have to pay that. You won't have to pay that! With the iPhone Photography Tip Cards you'll get 1-on-1 level training at a much smaller cost!

    For a one time special offer I will be selling the entire collection for $19.99 and existing customers of presets will get 50% off! This will only be available for a limited time and will be $79.98 very soon!

    That means you'll be getting each card for less than $1 and all this information is what took me from an entry level photography to an intermediate and high level iPhone photographer.

    From Our Customers

    I printed the set and laminated them straight away, took the applicable sets on specific shooting sessions, as designed.

    They helped remind me of details I had forgotten over the years. The long exposure tips were easily my favorite. Definitely buying more of your products!

    I wish I would have taken the chance on JDTHECAMERAGUYS products sooner! I bought his presets and Tip Cards... I was amazed.

    It has everything I needed. Good for both beginners and advanced photographers.The cards reinforce known facts and add a lot more, The Presets help to add life to each photo. Thanks JD!

    Awesome Tip Cards! Super easy to understand, books are usually difficult to carry around and with so much information to take…

    I downloaded them on my tablet and you can print what you need for a specific purpose. They really do the trick for me.

    I was a little worried whether there’d be enough useful information on the cards…

    but I was pleasantly surprised. They are extremely useful. I’ve printed out different sets and they now live in my bag!

    The iPhone Photographer Collection

    Total price:

    $39.99 $199.95


    Yes! These cards are specifically designed to cater for beginner to intermediate photographers. If you’re a beginner, these cards are going to give you some great material to use when you are out shooting.

    If you’re more on the intermediate skill level, we’ve definitely got plenty of cards in there to help you too. Even high level photographers can use this as a good reminder while out in the field shooting or to learn more about the iphone.

    You will receive a downloadable PDF file of the cards, you can print out at home or access them on your phone. This means you can access them anytime anywhere, and you don’t have to worry about losing them.

    in minutes you could be well on your way to taking your iPhone photography to the next level. No need to wait for shipping!

    Unfortunately these are iPhone only. At the moment iPhone Tips are the only ones I have. In the near future I will have Android Tip Cards Available.

    To get started downloading your Tip Cards you will access your order email with your download link.

    Once on the download page simply click to download the Cards, then check your downloads on your phone and they should be in there.

    To get started downloading your Tip Cards you will access your order email with your download link.

    Once on the download page simply click to download the Cards, then check your downloads on your desktop and they should be in there.

    Yes! I offer a 60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee. Email us and we will try to rectify any situation. If that results in a refund then we will give you a full refund.


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